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(Washington, D.C.) -- The 1890 Universities Foundation, working with members of the House and Senate, congressional staff and several collaborators applauds the significant legislative, policy and increased funding for our 1890 Land Grant Universities in the 2018 Farm Bill recently signed into law.  The Foundation is particularly pleased with two new funding initiatives.  One that will provide $10 million per year to create Centers of Excellence in the Food and Agricultural Sciences, Teaching, Research and Extension mission areas. The other initiative will provide scholarships -- $40 Million in mandatory funding and $10 million per year in discretionary funding in Food and Agriculture Science disciplines to support students and ultimately boost enrollment over the next several years.


On the policy side, several years of disparity created by a provision of 20% maximum carryover annually was removed.  Another provision which created a challenge for the 1890 Universities is the required state match of federal appropriations.  While other universities receive over and above their state matching requirements, only a few 1890 Universities have received more than 50% of what was required.  The 2018 Farm Bill requires States to report to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and ultimately Congress their respective matching support to each university.


“The legislative gains in this Farm Bill for our Universities are significant, welcomed and needed,” said Dr. Mortimer Neufville, President and CEO of the 1890 Universities Foundation.  “We are grateful to the members of Congress, their staff and Administration officials who have worked with our member Universities over the last few years to achieve these outcomes.  Our Universities and the country will benefit greatly,” concluded Dr. Neufville.