Council of 1890 Presidents

Dr. Makola Abdullah | Chair, Virginia State University

Dr. Paul Jones | Vice Chair, Ft. Valley State University


Association of Research Directors (ARD)

Dr. Vernon Jones | Chair, Langston University

Dr. Chandra Reddy | Chair, Elect, Tennesse State University


Association of Extension Administrators (AEA)

Ms. Vonda Richardson | Chair, Florida A&M University

Dr.Rosalind Dale  | Chair Elect, North Carolina A&T State University


Academic Deans            

Dr. Lloyd T Walker | Chair, Alabama A&M University

Dr. Ray McKinnie | Chair Elect, Virginia State University


ARD Executive Director

Dr. Alton Thompson


AEA Executive Administrator   

Dr. Albert Essel


Association of Public Land Grant Universities  

Dr. Eugene Anderson


Foundation Staff

Dr. Mortimer H. Neufville |  CEO & President

Kenneth E. Johnson | Program Coordinator & Grants Specialist

Dr. Conrad Bonsi| Auditor

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