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The Centers of Excellence (COE) is where the theme “19-strong” comes to fruition as the COE concept harnesses the cumulative disciplinary strengths of the 19-member universities while enhancing the competitiveness of each member contributes to the 1890 Universities System. The COE design was a provision of the 2018 Farm Bill established an onramp for the 1890 universities, under the leadership of the Foundation, to be strategic and intentional in its implementation of the Centers of Excellence.

Through a very deliberative process the member universities identified six Centers of Excellence:

  1. Student Success and Workforce Development

  2. Health Wellness and Quality of Life

  3. Farming System Rural Prosperity and Economic Sustainability

  4. Global Food Security & Defense

  5. Natural Resources, Energy and Environment

  6. Emerging Technologies

1890 MEA infograph07-01-21b.png
1890 Centers of Excellence_evolution and path forward.png
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