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The Second Morrill Act of 1890, a landmark Congressional decision, ignited an educational revolution for Black students across the Nation, propelling opportunities for future generations. The Second Morrill Act mandated states to create land-grant Institutions explicitly for Black students in the segregated South. Today, these same beacons of hope confront a critical threat - the recent Supreme Court decision jeopardizing educational diversity and inclusivity nationwide. 

Established in 2016, the 1890 Universities Foundation champions the 19 Historically Black Land-Grant Universities birthed from the Second Morrill Act, fueling impactful programs that transform student lives and surrounding communities through education, research, and outreach. However, systemic underfunding threatens these universities' capacity to enact meaningful change. That's where we step in. We provide our universities with vital financial and technical support, amplifying their influence, and fortifying our collective ability to cultivate tomorrow's Black leaders. 

Inspired by the 133rd Anniversary of the Second Morrill Act, we're holding the line for higher education as a right, not a privilege. We need you on this front line, helping shape an equitable, more inclusive future. 

The Foundation is launching a powerful two-prong campaign to amplify our commitment to our 19 Historically Black Land Grant Universities. You can make a significant impact through monetary donations. Whether a monthly recurring or one-time gift, each one, large or small, are tools in our work to protect the legacy and work of the ‘19 Strong’. We invite you to amplify your support by shopping at our new online store. It’s stocked with conversation-starting items that echo our mission, helping spread the call for increased resources for our universities. Each purchase directly supports our work and initiatives. 


Every contribution actively confronts systemic underfunding and monumental obstacles such as the recent Supreme Court rulings. Even more profound, your support will continue to fuel the dreams of our students who stand ready to transform agriculture and STEM, reimagining a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable future. 

We are grateful for your commitment to our mission.  


Yours in gratitude,  


Mort Neufville 

President and CEO 

1890 Universities Foundation  

Questions? Contact us at

The 1890 Universities Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Federal identification number 20-5683899.

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